Property Management


After RFP Properties finds you the perfect home, our services won’t stop there. In fact, they’ll just begin. We’ll make the purchase and present you with various leasing options or even create a custom option that suits your specific situation. This provides the flexibility and stability that can assist you in your business while giving you more working capital. We also offer several types of adaptable, flexible lease management programs.

Once your move is complete, you’ll work with one of our property managers – someone who knows the ins and outs just as well as you. Plus, we’re very responsive on a day-to-day basis. If something needs to be repaired, or if living situations or needs change, we’ll be on call to make the adjustments and renovations. So if you need accessibility modifications or other changes, RFP Properties will always be just a phone call away. At RFP, our compassion never stops.

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